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Are you ready to find your HAPPY PLACE?

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What is Text ME 3?

3 Steps over 30 days to become more grateful:

Step 1: Commit

  • First thing in the morning and last thing each night, consider your blessings

Step 2: Accountability

  • Find a “Text Me 3” partner

Step 3: Testify

  • Share gratitude with others

Author and Speaker Holly Rauser

Holly Rauser has been changing her perspective to find joy through gratitude. Holly discovered something powerful while helping a friend through a personal crisis, and was inspired to create the “Text Me 3” movement to help others practice gratitude and discover happier, healthier lives.

Holly is the founder of Consider Etiquette, where she helps people unlock success through the art of etiquette. Holly is also a former San Jose State University Public Speaking Instructor, and her presentations have been featured on cruise lines and television, and at churches, conferences, and corporations.

Holly is a proud mother of five homeschooled children, and is grateful everyday for them.

In true gratitude, there is joy and God’s will.

What others are saying about Text Me 3 ...

I LOVE THIS! I am so excited for “Text Me 3!” Ministries and the lives it will touch. We, as children of God, are and we always have been valuable and our words matter.  Especially positive words of gratitude that build each other up. I was caught up in the Renee story and how important the daily routine of gratitude slowly turned the rudder of a very large ship of negativity. I am so grateful for my friends who encourage me when my thinking is negative.  It reminds me of Eph. 4:29 “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.”

Marci Holmes, Principal Designer at Marci Holmes & Associates


“I think this booklet is fantastic. It has changed my life and I’ve been so blessed by it. I loved all of the anecdotes and personal stories. I really enjoyed the research you included, both the scientific and the biblical, because it takes the blame of not being grateful away. It is both our anatomy, and the enemy that prevents us from being grateful, which I found incredibly freeing as a reader.”

Emily Webb


“Wow, Renee’s story is a powerful! Holly’s unique voice gives grounding and weight to what has been true for centuries. For everyone – believing and unbelieving – an attitude of gratitude makes life richer and fuller.  For the believer it is not only formative, but it is indeed “the will of God” for us (I Thess. 5:18)!  Being “in God’s will” often seems mysterious and difficult to know with certainty, but this verse is crystal clear! You will be encouraged that this is a mindset that can definitely be developed no matter your nature or personality.”   

Lanette Whitaker Director of Step-In Ministry


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